Welcome to Alison in Andalucia!

I’m Alison and, until I moved to Andalucia from the Isle of Man in early 2017, I’d only been to mainland Spain once (and that was on a whistle stop tour of Europe as an inter-railing 19 year old in the late ’80s). Since then I’ve made a few trips to Mallorca and Menorca and a couple of the Canary Islands but if you’d told me at the start of the year I’d be living in Spain I’d have probably laughed in your face.

However, just before  Christmas 2016 my partner Mark (you’ll probably be reading a lot more about him) was made redundant and, on a whim, decided to apply for a job in Gibraltar. As you can no doubt guess, he got the job and here we are.

We decided to live in Spain rather than Gibraltar primarily for economic reasons (your money really does go further in Spain) but also because we wanted to experience something truly different to our normal life on a small island. It’s not without its challenges though but that’s what makes it exciting!

Also, I was very keen on the lifestyle although coming from the Isle of Man we do have our own version of mañana known as ‘traa dy liooar’. In other words, time enough!

What should you expect?

As I’ve called my blog ‘Alison in Andalucia’ there’ll be lots of travel tips and advice about this beautiful part of the world – great places to visit and things to do when you get there. There’ll probably be more than a few Gibraltar related posts slipping through the net too and, as I love to travel, expect to see some of the world beyond Spain. I also want to share handy hints about finding your feet in a new country, along with general lifestyle posts about my favourite things – food, drink and the great outdoors.

I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re considering a move to Andalucia, or you’re thinking of coming here for your holidays, please get in touch.

You might have some questions I can help with or have some useful advice and information of your own to pass on to others.

You can either comment below or send me a message here.

2 replies on “Hola!”

Congratulations on your Blog and good luck in Spain and Gibraltar.
WABAS is a group of brilliant people and a new member from the area of Campo de Gibraltar is great news.
I am in and out of Gibraltar for work too and live in, nearby, Spain.
Aspire to writing and practice by commenting, quite a bit!
Enjoy your discoveries .

Hi Alison, I was one year behind you, arriving in Nerja on 1st Feb 2018. I made a bold decision to leave the UK Oct 2017. Not happy with my job (fortunate to take early retirement at 58yrs) and at the end of a costly divorce!! All this is well and truly behind me 😎 My first year on the Costa del Sol has been amazing, very grateful and enjoying life.
Regards Kay Kirkham

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