I’m Alison and until I moved to Andalucia from the Isle of Man in early 2017 I’d only been to mainland Spain once (and that was on a whistle stop tour of Europe as an inter-railing 19 year old in the late ’80s). Since then I’d made a few trips to Mallorca and Menorca and a couple of the Canary Islands but I never expected that, one day, I’d end up living in Spain.

The move came about as, just before  Christmas 2016, my partner Mark was made redundant and, on a whim, decided to apply for a job in Gibraltar. As you can no doubt guess, he got the job and here we are.

We decided to live in Spain rather than Gibraltar primarily for economic reasons (your money really does go further in Spain) but also because we wanted to experience something truly different to our normal life on a small island. It’s not without its challenges though but that’s what makes it exciting!

I was also very keen on the lifestyle although coming from the Isle of Man we do have our own version of mañana known as ‘traa dy liooar’. In other words, time enough!

Anyway, after a few months of boring family and friends on Facebook with photos of my new life in the sun, I decided to start a blog as a way of recording my travels in my adopted homeland (and to give everyone a bit of a break!!).