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If you’ve got a lover of all things Spanish to buy for then have a look at these suggestions for the perfect gifts inspired by Spain. There’s something here for everyone whether you’re buying for a book worm, a whizz in the kitchen, a travel lover, or you just want to treat yourself.

Paella pan

Paella is probably Spain’s most iconic dish so, if you know someone who’s a dab hand in the kitchen, then a paella pan is an ideal gift choice.

Paella pans are wide and shallow to allow the rice to cook evenly so that, when done properly, there’s a delicious crunchy golden crust (the ‘socarrat’) left on the bottom. Many people, me included, reckon that this is the best bit of the whole dish!

I have a 14 inch pan which makes enough for three or four people (or two very greedy ones!) but you can buy paella pans in a variety of sizes and to suit every budget, including this very lovely Le Creuset pan (which is on my wish list – and probably will be for some time!).

You can also buy kits which come with all the ingredients (bar the seafood) that the budding chef will need so they’ve got no excuse not to rustle up a tasty dish.

DIY chorizo kit

For any meat lovers on your gift list how about a DIY chorizo kit? The kits contain everything you need, except the meat, to make your very own Spanish-style spicy sausage.

Churros maker

For someone who prefers sweet to savoury a churros kit could be the answer, particularly if you pair it with some hot chocolate for the perfect Spanish breakfast of churros con chocolate.

There are gadgets for making them by hand or you can buy a machine to make things even easier.

For more food related gift ideas why not have a read of my blog ‘A Spanish Food Hamper’?

Cookery books

There are plenty of Spanish cookery books on the market whether you’re looking for inspiration from a particular region, want to try your hand at recreating the dishes of a celebrity chef, or just want to perfect your tapas.

One of my favourites is Andaluz: A Food Journey through Southern Spain by Fiona Dunlop. It’s part cookery book and part travelogue, intertwined with the history of Andalucia which makes it perfect for the coffee table as well as the kitchen.


I love guidebooks, especially in the holiday planning stage, and have quite a collection that I’ve amassed over the years. The big hitters of Lonely Planet and Rough Guide are now being joined by many others, and with guidebooks covering the whole of Spain as well as specific regions and cities it should be easy to find one that’s just right.

If you know someone who’s dreaming about a new life in Spain Chris Stewart’s best selling Lemons Trilogy about his family’s move to rural Andalucia should definitely be on their reading list.


Spain is famed for its ceramics and no visit to a Spanish market is complete without browsing the pottery. Whether it’s a terracotta oven dish, some tiles to brighten up the kitchen, a plant pot or two or even a sangria jug there’s something for everyone.

I love these traditional cazuelas – a staple of every Spanish bar and restaurant, whether you’re being served olives or a sizzling dish of gambas pil pil.

Olive wood chopping board

With so many olive trees in Spain (the country is the largest producer of olive oil in the world with over 250 million trees) an artisan chopping board would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen. Rustic in style they also make lovely serving boards for anyone who likes to entertain, and look especially good paired with some traditional Spanish ceramics.

A language course or phrasebook

If your gift recipient is likely to be heading to Spain for a holiday or has plans to make a more permanent move how about a language course or phrasebook to help them on their way? Whether it’s just to learn the basics to get by in shops and restaurants or something more in depth, there are plenty of options. Some people like to just listen and repeat while others prefer to have a book to read in conjunction with the audio learning but there’s plenty to choose from.

My favourite phrasebook is this one from Lonely Planet – when I first moved to Spain I carried it everywhere with me as it’s small enough to fit in my bag for easy reference. Despite its size it covers pretty much every situation you’re likely to encounter on a day to day basis.


One of Andalucia’s most famous sons is Pablo Picasso so, if you have an art lover to buy for, then a print of one of his paintings could be the answer. His cubist paintings tend to divide opinion but he’s also famed for his simple line drawings which would appeal to anyone with minimalist taste.

Agua de Sevilla

If you’ve ever wandered around the streets of Andalucia, particularly Seville, during the spring you’ll know (and love) the scent of orange blossom which lingers in the air.

Agua de Sevilla is a perfume brand which celebrates this scent with men’s, women’s, and unisex fragrances including my favourite, Agua de Naranjos de Sevilla.

Face Mask

This one’s especially for 2020! How about a face mask like these ones which are inspired by the Moorish tiles of the Alhambra Palace in Granada?

Face masks inspired by the Moorish tiles of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Andalucia, Spain.

What Spanish inspired gift would you most like to open on Christmas morning? Let me know in the comments below.

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Spanish gift ideas


  1. Ooh I absolutely love churros! Never thought to try and make them myself…. feel like a Christmas gift to myself coming here 😉

    Great list though, thanks for sharing!

  2. Omg I so need a churros maker. Until a minute ago I didn’t know that existed. I could do with a paella pan too, a wok just doesn’t do it quite right

    1. Homemade churros everyday would be so good. A wok’s not a bad substitute for making paella but you need the flatter bottom on the pan – it definitely makes a difference having the right pan.

    1. They’re some of my favourites too. I was at the Picasso Museum in Malaga and some of his work is fantastic. Some of it isn’t to my taste but I can barely draw a stick figure so I’m not really one to comment!! :o)

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