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I’ve always enjoyed gardening – as a little girl I used to love to potter about on my dad’s allotment but, to be honest, I’m not always that great at keeping things alive which is why succulents and cacti are perfect for me. We always had a house full of them when I was growing up which is possibly where my love of them comes from but, right now, these are the reasons they’re hot favourites with me.

Cacti in tins

They’re low maintenance.

Because they’re originally from drier climates with high temperatures and low rainfall they don’t need a lot of looking after, particularly here in Spain. I have mine sitting on an outside table looking pretty, I give them a drink every now and again to keep them happy and, so far so good!

So much choice!!

Whether you want fleshy leaves or full on spikes, tall and thin or short, round and squat, there’s something for everyone and they’re colourful too. I can’t go past a garden centre lately without wanting to pop in and check out any new additions. Which brings me nicely to point three.

They’re cheap.

I picked up the three succulents at the top of this post in Lidl of all places for less than €2 each. The cactus in the cork planter was only €1 in another supermarket and the others were cheap as chips too so, even if my green fingers let me down, I know I haven’t broken the bank.

There are so many ways to display them.

I bought the cork planter from an old man selling his wares at the entrance to Castellar de la Frontera and have one displayed in a mug that got damaged so, while it won’t hold a cuppa anymore, it’s still useful and looks great to boot.

Cactus in cork planter

Cactus in mug

They’re the gift that keeps on giving.

One of my succulents has started to grow babies so I’m going to have a go at propagating it – watch this space!!

Are you a succulent lover or a connoisseur of cacti? Let me know your favourites or why not tag me in your Instagram photos?

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