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Did you know that November is National Pomegranate Month? Pomegranates are everywhere here at the moment. We bought these beauties at the market but they’re abundant on trees at the side of the roads too.

Much as I like pomegranates I just find them a bit too fiddly to eat so I’ve been trying out some alternative uses for them. As I’m not a fan of mixing sweet and savoury foods together (you’ll never find me eating pizza with pineapple on!) I’ve gone down the drinks route.

My favourite has got to be with Cava. I blitz most of the pomegranate seeds to make a juice for the bottom of each glass, top it up with cava (other sparkling wines are available!) and then decorate with the ones I have left over.

For a lovely non-alcoholic version I blitz the seeds and put the juice into a jug which I top up with fizzy water and garnish with a few sprigs of mint from the garden.

A word of warning if you’re going to blitz the seeds – the juice is very grainy so you’ll need to push it through a sieve before you can drink it.

I’ve added some delicious sounding cocktail recipes to my Pinterest board (as well as a handy tip for getting the seeds out) – you can check it out here.

What are your favourite ways to eat pomegranates? Let me know in the comments.

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