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My take on a paella

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Think of Spanish food and paella is probably one of the first things that springs to mind.

A few years ago after a lovely holiday in Mallorca I bought Mark a paella kit for Christmas which promptly sat in a kitchen cupboard gathering dust.

After we’d made the move to Spain I realised I had no excuse not to put it to use so, after Googling many many paella recipes came up with this one. My version of paella is by no means authentic (take a look at this article for proof!) but it is delicious and we can’t get enough of it! If you fancy having a go yourself (it’s easy!) here’s the recipe I use.

Paella recipe 1

If you can’t get hold of smoked paprika or saffron, you can use a ready made seasoning which you should be able to get in most supermarkets.

Have you ever tried making this dish yourself? What do you include in your version? I know some people add chicken or rabbit, and chorizo is also a popular choice but, as I don’t eat meat, I stick with just seafood.

My take on a paella

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