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There are certain things I don’t leave home without. As I live in Spain and work in Gibraltar my usual front door mantra of ‘keys, phone, purse’ has now expanded to include passport. Forget that and I can’t cross the frontier to get to work – perhaps not always a bad thing!

Passport aside, here are my favourite travel accessories whether I’m just heading to work, seeing the sights of Andalucia or venturing further afield.


It’s probably a real cliché but I love my Fjallraven Kanken backpack. For day to day use it’s perfect to use as a work bag and for travelling it’s roomy enough to carry my iPad, camera, sunglasses, plus all the other accessories below. It’s super comfortable and I also love the little seat pad that comes with it – handy when you’ve only got the ground to sit on and need a bit of padding to make things more comfortable!

Browse the huge range of Fjallraven backpacks here

Travel wallet

To keep my travel documents in one place I have a lovely Katie Loxton pouch.

Travel wallet

It’s the perfect size for holding all my inflight essentials (passport, boarding passes, vaccination certificates, tickets, phone, Kindle, pen (I never go anywhere without one and they’re always handy on a flight in case you have to complete an immigration card), lipbalm and hand cream) and fits perfectly in the seat pocket meaning I can stow my backpack in the overhead locker but still have everything I need to hand during the flight.

Mine says ‘Adventure Awaits’ on the front (which I think is now discontinued) but there are a whole load of quotes and colours available so you’re sure to find one that fits the bill.

Water bottle

I have a few favourites. My Chilly bottle is the one I use on a daily basis – I pop it in my bag before I head for work (it’s great that AquaGib now have free refill stations in Casemates Square and John Mackintosh Square).

My Lock & Lock dumbbell bottle is the one I use when I’m out running – the handle and ergonomic design means it’s easy to carry.

My travel bottle is this aluminium bottle by Sigg Switzerland – it keeps cold water cold and, when filled with boiling water, acts as an alternative hot water bottle. When I was freezing cold in Laban Rata resthouse on Mount Kinabalu in Borneo waiting for the weather to clear so I could start the trek to the summit, this bottle was a Godsend!


I mentioned I never go anywhere without a pen – well the same goes for a notebook. I practically have enough stationery to open my own shop but when I’m travelling I love my Moleskine notebooks. They come in different sizes and the pocket in the back is ideal for storing tickets and receipts so I don’t miss anything important when I get home and start writing up blog posts.

Power pack/USB charger

I always have a power pack with me – mainly because, until recently, I was still using an iPhone 5s which was nearly six years old and had a very limited battery life! I recently upgraded my phone but I still intend to carry a power pack as a ‘better safe than sorry’ precautionary measure. I’m not so bothered about missing calls but I hate not having enough battery when a great photo opportunity presents itself. I have a selection of power packs at home – all of them freebies (trust me, they make great corporate gifts!) – but, when it comes to multi USB chargers I love this one. It was so handy in Kenya when some of the lodges we stayed in had limited sockets and it meant we could charge up multiple gadgets at once.

Is there anything you never travel without? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear about your travel essentials.

My favourite travel accessories

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